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The modern child

So last night I was admiring some new D&D figures that my partner had bought, in particular a new unicorn for Frala (that’s my D&D alter ego. The unicorn’s name is Fion).

My eldest son noted my attention to it.

Quoth he: do you loooove that unicorn, Me-Me.

Me: Yes, I do.

He: Do you love it so much you’re gonna marry it?

At this, of course, I had to take the opportunity to disabuse Sebastian of the need to get married.

Quoth I: No, I’m not going to marry anyone because I believe that marriage is an outdated and patria….

At this point, he cuts me off…

He: Well, do you love it so much you are going to choose to spend your life with it?

That left me come-backless. At least he’s learnt something from the rhetoric.


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