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100 sci-fi women #3: Sarah Connor (both versions)

sarah connorSarah Connor is an interesting character because depending where you find her, she is a little different, but most of all a survivor. Except when it comes to cancer. My favourite incarnation of Sarah Connor is in Terminator II, but who can forget that look on her face as she comes under the sights of the Terminator’s gun in the nightclub in Terminator? And the television series has done her justice, as with Terminator II she is tough, resourceful, determined and possibly just a little psychotic. Her incarceration at the beginning of Terminator II can be seen as reminiscent of the treatment of women with ideas who refuse to do as they are told and not worry their pretty heads – she is treated as mad and an outcast, deprived of her son who she is determined to save. Connor is willing to take on responsibility for mothering the world, she wants to save it from itself, but like most mothers, in the end has to leave it to its fate, leaving it with the best resources she can provide (in this case, an extremely well trained son). Her determination to save the world from itself leads her to try assassinating Miles Dyson, destined to invent SkyNet. She is willing to give up her own humanity to save the world, but this humanity, which she has instilled in her son, leads him to stop her. She is tough, and though she hesitates, she still shoots.

No fate but what we make.

4 responses to “100 sci-fi women #3: Sarah Connor (both versions)

  1. In the TV series they developed some themes about motherhood which were interesting: specifically she is constantly confronted by her failings as a mother and criticised from every direction on her mothering, whether it be outsiders judging her son and “daughter” or within the family where they question her past decisions. John struggles all the time to prove himself to her and she struggles with letting him make his own decisions. Even her cooking comes under scrutiny. Here we have a woman who has evaded the FBI and countless terminators still not measuring up because she can’t cook pancakes. I liked this aspect of the show: ordinary problems that we recognise amplified by the ever present threat of killer robots from the future.

  2. Tea Drinker ⋅

    I love Sarah Connor too.

  3. tor


    I actually have a half-written post about Sarah Connor sitting in my draft folder at the moment, and I was gonna use that same pic too!

    She is such an interesting character.

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