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100 Sci Fi women #15: Dana Scully

Before we get to today’s entry, I wanted to mention two new lists which are quite entertaining is the Buffy-Joss Whedon space. We have the Top Ten Buffy episodes which is quite entertaining and then the Top 5 Reasons It Sucks Being a Joss Fan, which can make one a bit squirmy. Although I do love the first entry – He Will Slaughter Everything That Makes You Happy Inside. Please Joss, just stop that!

Dana Scully X-Files


Dana_Scully_closeup_with_glassesI always loved Scully. Mulder I found annoying, even though the logic of the show was that you really did have to “believe.” But sensible, practical, logical Scully always appealed to me a lot more. She was both a crack investigator and a medical doctor who didn’t flinch in the face of mangled bodies and horrible autopsies. What she did flinch at was Mulder’s weird theories, and even though he was often proved right, let’s face it, who wouldn’t have been with her? Her cool intelligence and sensible approach meant that she would accept the bizarre when proven, but she trusted to facts and reason.  She was also a positive depiction of a single mother and a professional woman, who was both attractive and, more importantly, highly intelligence. It was also Scully’s intelligence that was most important, not her looks.

4 responses to “100 Sci Fi women #15: Dana Scully

  1. Tea Drinker ⋅

    I would definitely put Scully in my list. I think she’s what makes the X-Files so compelling. Gillian Anderson is a great actress.

  2. Agent Scully is definitely a positive female model and yes, she did rocked the 1990s alongside with Buffy and Xena.

  3. Pat ⋅

    There is no way Mulder was more annoying. Scully was just way too skeptical. In the beginning, she made logical sense, but throughout the show she probably witnessed more unexplainable things than Mulder, and still couldn’t bring herself to terms with any of them. Waaay too closeted. In some episodes she even went behind Mulder’s back in his investigations merely out of practicality. I just watched Oubliette in the 3rd series, and I honestly wanted to punch her teeth out. Don’t get me wrong, a well written character played very well by Gillian Anderson, and perhaps thats why she annoys me so much. A mediocre actress couldn’t make me tighten my fists.

    • Pat Sullivan ⋅

      Most people I talk to would agree with you, Pat, that actually Scully was more annoying because no matter how many times she was proven wrong by all the weird stuff happening she never accepted Mulder’s theories. (Until the last few seasons made it impossible for her not to) Instead she stuck to the facts and cold hard science.

      I however was not annoyed. In fact I found it funny because in the later episodes she just seemed to be getting more and more sarcastic or blithe, like she was going to tear her hair out if Mulder’s crazy stories turned out to be true once again. She also seemed to get more and more resentful about being dragged out to these weird locations. Other times both agents were really stumped, and Scully was the closest to explaining the strange phenomenon. In all she is a wonderfully strong foil character.

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