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100 Sci Fi women #17: Chevette Washington

Chevette Washington Virtual Light, Idoru, All Tomorrow’s Parties William Gibson

The fact that Chevette launches the action of the Bridge trilogy by stealing sunglasses from a dude who pissed her off exemplifies what is so appealing in Chevette. She has a cheeky take-no-shit edginess coupled with a curiosity about the world. A victim of abuse as a child, Chevette has grown up to be tough and independent. Making her way as a bike courier, she has a visceral appreciation of machinery. She also has become part of an urban family, who she cares for and who care for her. She isn’t quick to trust, but she does trust. She is smart and wise and knows how to look after herself.

…Chevette finds herself pressed up against his back for a second, not that interrupts whatever infinitely dreary shit he’s laying down for the girl, no, though he does jam hi elbow, hard, back into Chevette’s ribs to get himself more space.

And Chevette, glancing down, sees something sticking out of a pocket in the tobacco-colored leather.

Then it’s in her hand, down the front of her bike-pants, she’s out of the door, and the asshole hasn’t even noticed.

In the sudden quiet of the corridor, party sounds receding as she heads for the elevator, she wants to run. She wants to laugh, too, but now she’s starting to feel scared.


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