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100 sci fi women #20: Laura Roslin

Well, I once again apologise that my life has got in the way of my blogging and it has been a full week since an update. And a big update it is – no 20. This obviously has to go to a very special science fiction woman. Before I go on though, I’ll note another list: “Top 5 Science Fiction Leading Ladies“.  Two of the five included there already appear on this list, and we make it three tonight….

President Laura Roslin Battlestar Galactica

250px-roslinDespite being something like 34th in line for the Presidency, Laura Roslin is the highest ranking member of the government who survives the initial Cylon attack. The best part of President Roslin though is that we don’t see her full of slef doubt, unsure that she can do it – she boldly steps into the role of President of the 12 colonies and starts to rule from day one.  This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some doubts, but like any competent politician, she keeps them largely to herself and gets on with the business of keeping her people alive. The tally she keeps of the number of those alive in her fleet is a constant moving reminder to her and to us of the toll of what the fleet faces on a day to day basis. And one has to love the fact that Laura always backs herself, whether it is airlocking a Cylon or staring down her political enemies. We also have the mystical Laura, caught up in her vision which result from her cancer-fighting drugs. I also love the fact that she readily accepts that she is the leader in the prophecy – no false modesty here. She also doesn’t give in when she loses her leadership; she is committed to the resistance on New Caprica and continues to fight for her people.  And of course, when she and Adama give in to their mutual affection, it is a relationship that must make everyone soft and squishy. If all our female politicians could be like Laura, the world would be a much better place.

I won’t compromise the success of this operation or the safety of this fleet to indulge the neediness of 12 perpetually unhappy representatives. I can’t.


5 responses to “100 sci fi women #20: Laura Roslin

  1. She’s amazing, isn’t she? IN the heavily over-determined manner of BSG, she’s actually the 43rd in line, just as Bush was the 43rd President of the USA. And what I always found fascinating about her was the transformation from dove into the scariest of hawks, beginning with the decision to destroy that ship in ep 1.1 (or 1.2), and the cost that exacts on her.

    And she should have been the final Cylon. It would have made sense at almost every level, unlike Ellen, which was just dumb.

    • godardsletterboxes ⋅

      I missed that George Bush reference. But yes, her steely determination is brilliant – but I always loved the detail of how she kept the note with the name of the ship written on it, to remind her. It was those little details that made us love BSG so.

  2. Tea Drinker ⋅

    That episode when she and Adama finally admit their feelings, it just makes me go totally gooey inside.

    • godardsletterboxes ⋅

      It was the episode on New Caprica where they both got drunk at the party and Laura talked about her dream house that did it for me. Total mush inside.

  3. Kristina ⋅

    Finally! I was waiting for Laura to pop up on this list. She is THE.BEST. I think it is so rare to have such a mulit-dimensional female character driving a show. I loved her.

    Agree with James re: Ellen being the most ridiculous of final cylons, though I always thought it should have been Starbuck (but I guess that would have been too obvious).

    Love the list, keep it up!

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