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100 sci fi women #23: Servalan

So now that we are inching towards being a quarter of the way through, I thought I might start to introduce a couple of villains into the list. In considering villains one has to be careful not to allow any of those caricature-esque female villains who do populate the schlockier end of science fiction, fantasy and horror. However, I do think there are a number of interesting female villains who might begin to show up on the list.

I also was pointed to this list during the week of 10 Sci Fi TV Shows that should be updated. My personal choice – now that Doctor Who has been done, why not Blakes 7 – my top choice for re-booting a la Battlestar Galactica.

Anyway this conjunction brings us to….

Servalan  Blakes Seven

Servalan broke my little young teen heart when she and Tarrant kissed in Sand, episode 9 of series 4. This episode was also significant with respect to this list because it was in fact written by Tanith Lee, a female sci fi writer. The episode also reveals something about Servalan’s motivations and background that rounds her out as a character. I still can’t get past the kissing Tarrant bit though – that stung

Anyhow Servalan represents a fascinating depiction of a female villain. With her cropped hair and height, she has elements of androgyny which were often countered by her feathers and heavy make up. She is a strong determined calculating character who essentially triumphs over the series’ heroes in the end, and reinvents herself  and claws her way back even when she faces defeat. She is ruthless and vengeful and not an altogether nice person, but really, nice is the last thing we would expect in our future galactic dictator isn’t it?


One response to “100 sci fi women #23: Servalan

  1. Tea Drinker ⋅

    Oh yeah! When I was a kid and my Mum thought my hair was cut too short, she would say I looked like Servalan. I thought this was cool.

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