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100 sci fi women #24: Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia Stars Wars Pts IV-VI

Despite the eccentric hair and the flowing robes, young girls everywhere knew they had a new kind of Princess to look up to from the moment that Princess Leia points out the inadequacy of the foolhardy men’s rescue plans, grabs a blaster and finds a way out – even if it was into a garbage compactor. Bad smells do not deter this Princess. Many of us had already anticipated that Princess Leia was no ordinary princess waiting to be rescued – she was a Senator! At 19! Willing to tell one of the baddest baddies off! She didn’t succumb to torture, and was sad, but not broken by the destruction of her home planet.

Later we see her commanding forces on Hoth, happy to get her hands dirty fixing the Millenium Falcoln, daring Jabba’s lair in disguise and willing to fight side by side with the assault team on Endor. As Luke says to her on Endor “you’ve always been the strong one.” Too right buddy.

And yes, she does fall for Han Solo, but who wouldn’t (except perhaps the same 13 year old me who had a crush on Tarrant. 13 year old me perhaps needed better taste). But like any sensible girl, she isn’t willing to trust Han straight away, and so is cagey until the situation is such that a declaration of affection is warranted. Such a sensible approach to love.

Best of all, she is mostly sensibly and practically dressed. Let’s face it, the robes in Star Wars (sorry, I mean A New Hope) can be explained by the fact she is on a diplomatic mission at the time. The rest of the time, it is combat gear. Only a bad guy would dare to dress her in less….

General Tarkin, I thought I recongised your foul stench when I came on board.

6 responses to “100 sci fi women #24: Princess Leia Organa

  1. Matt

    And be careful if you think a bit of chain and a fancy bikini can subdue her because she might just choke you and blow up your yacht with it’s own laser cannon while your henchmen aren’t looking

    • godardsletterboxes ⋅

      Precisely – there is no sitting around and waiting to be rescued when it comes to our Leia- even when made to dress revealingly.

  2. Ted ⋅

    Id like to massage Leias feet and tickle em.

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