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International women’s day: women who are inspiring

Happy International Women’s Day to all. Today I want to ask – which women do you find inspiring?

It is a challenging question for me in some ways – I have never been one for role models or inspiring leaders. There has rarely been one person, male or female, who I would see as the person I would most like to be.

In another way, however, it is easy. I am inspired by and admire so many women that I encounter in my life. There are aspects of what they have achieved or how they live their life that inspire me or that I follow or attempt to emulate. From the way my mother brought up me and my siblings, to the women I work with – the ones who are my bosses and who support other women and demonstrate how it can be done in a good way and the ones who work for me who want to learn and who make the choices in their lives which are right for them. My sister and her willingness one day to say, stuff it all and do something completely different, which has led her to the life she loves now through a curving pathway, and my best friend who achieved things that no young woman had ever achieved before. Then there is the friend who can use tools and sew and knit and cook, and is still a formidable intellect and highly skilled at her work. Another friends who take a matter approach to the cancer in her life. New people who juggle academic life and leadership and being a mother. And friends who live their lives the way they want whether they have children or not, study or not, work or not. What makes me lucky is the number of women in my life who I find inspiring and who make me feel humble, but in a good way.

There are of course the women I have never met who are also inspiring, but it is really the women who are close to me who give me the inspiration to do what I do.

Tell me about the women who inspire you, so we can be all big and share-y and inspired on what is still an important recognition of all those other days where women are not put first, or even equal first.


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