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Twitter etiquette – break ups

Early in the rather patchy Couples Retreat, one of the women remarks that someone “got us in the divorce.” And it is true that usually, following a break up, there is some division of friends and social acquaintances which usually happens, just because it is too hard otherwise.

Which left me wondering, what is the etiquette of break ups iin the land of Twitter?

Often, both halves of a couple tweet. Often, because both havles of that couple have similar ideas and perspectives, they end up with a lot of (complete strangers) as followers in common. So what happens with those people? I guess some would enjoy the television-like spectacle of a relationship break up being played out, with the ability to see both sides. But is that the right thing to do? Should one pick a side and respect the privacy of the other? If still following both,  does one get involved? What do you do when one side is moving on but the other is mooning on and on? What does the couple itself do? Do you immediately unfollow out of resppect, or do you keep an eye on what is happening ina bordering-on-the-stalker-like manner? Do you unfollow or block? Does blockign an ex make the break up permanent while unfollwowing indicates so ambivalence? Or do you just ensure you don’t tweet in a way which is personal any more, conscious of the fact that you are being watched by those who follow you both.

These things indicate a whole different range of questions in the post-break up environment from those of the past, although I guess in some ways they are variations of who gets the social club where both went before. Thoughts anyone?


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