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100 sci fi women #36: Claudia

Another list which could form the basis for a movie viewing project can be found here. it features the Top 70 vampire movies ranked according to their average IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores. Interesting to see that most of the top five are at least 30 years old – maybe says something about the self imposed snobbery we have about rating old films – or maybe they are just better. Anyway, a reference to that list allows me a neat segue to me next entry.

Claudia Interview with the Vampire (both film and book versions)

Claudia is trapped eternally in the body of a child. She is turned into a vampire following the death of her mother from plague. Claudia goes on to discover that immortality is hard when you can never grow up and never really experience and adult life, even when you are really quite old. Claudia is not without her own steely determination, however. She uses her anger over being made into what she is by trying to kill Lestat. She uses her guile and cunning and determination to try and free herself and Louis from Lestat’s influence and only fails because he is almost unkillable. She is viewed by some other vampires as an abomination, too young to have been turned. And like so many women characters before her, is then killed for that which was not her fault; for the threat she offers to other men;  for the fact that she does not conform. Her death is horrible, exposed to the sun and left to burn.

I did it for us. I did it so we could be free.

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  1. Tea Drinker ⋅

    I haven’t seen as many of those vampire movies as I thought I would have!

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