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100 sci fi women #38: Adelle De Witt

Adelle de Witt  Dollhouse

Adelle is wonderful for her moral ambiguity, her poise and elegance and her beautiful tea sets. In charge of the Dollhouse, she lets very little disturb her composure and carries on under most scenarios with perfect hair and manners, even when she is making the most devastating of decisions. Adelle cares about the “actives” in her care and offers impeccable client service. What is most interesting about Adelle is that she does not seem to have doubts about the morality of what she is doing: to her the actives aren’t slaves, they are people who have signed a contract and who will be rewarded appropriately for it. She ensures that they live in luxury and are as protected from danger as their role can allow. Her icy composure and her clear authority does lead her to be lonely, and she makes use of an active to try and cure this loneliness, though she is not self deluding enough to believe it can be a permanent solution. Not that she doesn’t have friends, friends who she cares about and helps. And she is good with a foil. Adelle does care about her staff in her own way, turning a blind eye when Topher assuages his own loneliness in a similar way. Adelle, like the concept of the Dollhouse itself, leaves you with your own questions about what is right and wrong, and whether right and wrong in the traditional sense even matter at all. Perhaps what matters is having integrity in what you do and commitment to those in your care. That is what we see from Adelle. That, and fabulous, if conservative, clothes.

Oh, my God! I find lentils completely incomprehensible.

One response to “100 sci fi women #38: Adelle De Witt

  1. I love lentils!

    And I loved Adelle’s tea sets. I almost used to fail to listen to what she was saying because of the tea sets!

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