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100 sci fi women #39: Diana

As I have noted elsewhere, I am a bit disappointed in the current V.  But it has made me think more about the old V and I also thought it was time for another villain on the list.

Diana V (1980s version)

Diana is ruthless and sadistic and willing to go to pretty much any lengths to maintain her power. She was also brilliant, beautiful, inventive, clever, defiant and possibly the most interesting character in the original V. Second-in-command when the Visitors arrive on earth, she is clearly the brains of the operation. She can “convert” humans so that they become the pliant tools of the Visitors and she has inoculated the Visitors against known human diseases. When her commander Pamela arrives and tries to assert her authority of Diana, Diana finds a way to discredit Pamela before murdering her. Diana lets no one stand in her way. She is, clearly however, in search of knowledge as we see in her experiment with the impregnation of Robin and her desperation to get hold of the child. While she looks after and values Elizabeth, the hybrid child of Robin, this is more from what Elizabeth symbolises in terms of scientific advances. Diana does not have a traditional feminine softness which can be appealed to, she shows no sign of compassion. When the human priest tries appeal to this potential compassion, she coldly shots him. There is also a hint of ambiguous sexuality about Diana, particularly in her relationship with Kristine Walsh, the human reporter she converts to be their media mouthpiece. Diana is seductive, devastatingly intelligent and very very evil. From a human perspective anyway.

Pamela: You scientific types are so easily ruffled.

Diana: And you military types are so predictable.

[Takes out her gun and shoots Pamela and her guard.]

Diana: You rely on cunning, intrigue…I prefer the direct approach. Don’t worry, dear Pamela, I’ll do my scientific best to command your fleet. And tomorrow I’ll destroy the rebels! Consider this an early retirement.

[shoots Pamela in the stomach]

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