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100 sci fi women #48: Kelly

Australian readers of this may not have seen this fabulous zombie tv series from the UK, but I totally recommend it to all. And the best thing, I think the female characters come out the best….

Kelly  Dead Set

When we first meet Kelly she is a lowly production assistant, getting coffees and nicorettes and getting shouted at by the producer. She has romantic conflict, but doesn’t unnecessarily agonise over it. When the zombies attack, however, she comes into her own. She thinks quickly, acts decisively, and doesn’t flinch at sticking scissors through a head, or caving in someone’s head with a fire extinguisher. She knows when action is required, and when compassion is appropriate. She doesn’t condone violence for its own sake, but doesn’t stint at using it either. Thoughtful, tough and determined, she is not without feelings, and knows where her heart lies. In her sensible jeans and converses, she is attractive but practical, a contrast to most of those who surround her. Kelly is exactly the kind of woman you want to have around when the zombie apocalypse strikes.

In the head. You gotta get them in the head.

2 responses to “100 sci fi women #48: Kelly

  1. I’ve seen Dead Set, and it’s an absolute gem. Scary and funny and weirdly beautiful. Owes a lot to 28 Days Later but still brilliant, And it’s actually made by the same production company as the real (or is that “real”) Big Brother.

    • godardsletterboxes ⋅

      We watched it in one sitting last night. You are right, a perfect balance of funny and scary; both effective zombie and clever satire. And yes, the zombies are very 28 Days Later.

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