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100 sci fi women #50: Rachael

To make the half way point here I was looking for a significant science fiction woman I hadn’t covered off as yet. The suggestion from Twitter came, and I was amazed I had forgotten to include her already.

Rachael  Blade Runner

Rachael is beautiful, poised and intelligent. Her only problem is that she isn’t actually human. a cutting edge replicant, Rachael believes and hopes and desires to be human, but is not. She makes us question what it means to be human; her emotions and passions make her nearly identical. Her sorrow over the discovery of what she is, and the way she clings to the memories which have been created for her, make her as well rounded and empathetic individual as we are likely to see on the screen. She is capable of love and being loved just like anyone else. It is just that, in the end, she fails to meet a (possibly) arbitrary definition of humanity. We love Rachael for her emotions, for her intelligence, for her passion, and the fact that despite everything she sees from humans, she would still like to be one.

Are these questions testing whether I’m a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?


One response to “100 sci fi women #50: Rachael

  1. Matt

    Great choice for half way. Blade Runner can’t be topped!

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