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Monthly cultural round up: August

This month’s culture quota was added to by a week at home with a dodgy neck, which included a trip to the Dendy Premium as a place where I could be reclined for two hours while the cleaner came. It is a hard life sometime.


The Ghost Writer I knew very a little about the film going in, but it was the film which was on at Dendy Premium at the most convenient time, so I went and saw it. Having Ewan McGregor and Olivia Williams (who I completely love as Adelle DeWitt)  in it certainly gave it a good start, and it must be said that I do love a good suspense thriller. Not quite Hitchcock, but entertaining enough and beautifully filmed. it did have that vague sense of confusion and unease which we like to see in a good thriller, if ultimately it wasn’t quite as thrilling as it could be. Disposable entertainment, but enjoyable.


Interface Neal Stephenson and Frederick George This was a reread, and it was entertaining to read it as the Australian election was going on. Even though it was written quite some years ago, many of the ideas are still very current, and, during this election, the whole question of the entirely focus-grouped campaign was very relevant. The book handled the transition between humour and politics and drama well, and is quite a compelling read. Didn’t suffer from a re-read.

Imperial Bedrooms Brett Easton Ellis This took me very little time to read and I enjoyed it the way one “enjoys” Brett Easton Ellis. Suffused with paranoia and nihilism, it was a sketch of a person with no moral centre, and selfishness to the core. Reading it felt like slipping back into a very familiar yet totally alien world. Understanding it is enhanced by having read his other books, not for actual events, but for the emotional tone.


Dead Set This was absolutely wonderful television, clever, funny, scary, dramatic, well acted and well scripted. We watched the entire series in one sitting and then watch a bunch of the extras on the DVD, something we rarely do. The characterisations were great, and I thought it was interesting that in the end it was the women who were the strongest and most decisive characters. A must see for zombie fans, and for anyone who enjoys excellent television and can cope with a bit of gore.


2 responses to “Monthly cultural round up: August

  1. stina ⋅

    Thank you for recommending Dead Set! I hadn’t heard about it before but went straight out and got it as I love zombie movies and there really isn’t enough good ones out there. And absolutely yeah for the women in it 🙂 I only wish it wasn’t so unexpected to see fully (and normally) dressed women portraited this way.
    Great and scary series that I thoroughly enjoyed, thanks again!

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