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100 sci fi women: the first fifty

So science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction or whatever you might like to call it, all of these (barring the Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse novels and a few other cases) are generally seen as male domains. Especially the science fiction bit. So this list is, in part, to reclaim those genres, to prove that female characters have a place, and an important place at that. In the first 50 we have characters from all the genres, from novels, television, films and video games. We have women of a variety of ethnic backgrounds, as well as some aliens and some of the artificially intelligent. There are the young and the old, and everything in between. Some are beautiful and some are not, some are mothers, some are single, some kick butt and some think great thoughts. Like women in general, they are varied and different.

You may not agree with every inclusion on the list, and you may think of reasons why the places that they come from are not as progressive as they might be. But what this shows is that woman have a presence in a fictional form in these genres.

So point to this list whenever a young girl (or an old woman) says that science fiction isn’t for girls – and please feel free to send me any suggestions or entries you might have for the next 50 –

Also, just a reminder that this is not an order of merit – it is a list of when they have occurred to me! We can think about actual rankings when we get to 100!

1. Kara Thrace Battlestar Galactica

2. Perosteck Balveda Consider Phlebas

3. Sarah Connor in all her Terminator related incarnations

4. Offred The Handmaid’s Tale

5. Ellen Ripley The Aliens franchise

6. Dorothea McDonald The Galactic Milieu series

7. Inara Serra Firefly & Serenity

8. Nell The Diamond Age

9. Leela Doctor Who

10. Alldera The Holdfast Chronicles

11. Nyota Uhara Star Trek

12. Killashandra Ree The Crystal Singer trilogy

13. Buffy Summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer

14. Tenar Wizard of Earthsea series

15. Dana Scully X-Files

16. Susan Ivanova Babylon 5

17. Chevette Washington various William Gibson

18. Zoe Firefly and Serenity

19. Hermoine Granger The Harry Potter oeuvre

20. Laura Roslin Battlestar Galactica

21. Kira Nerys Deep Space 9

22. Tricia McMillan Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series

23. Servalan Blake’s 7

24. Princess Leia Organa Star Wars original trilogy

25. Anne Burden Z for Zachariah

26. Romanadvoratrelundar Doctor Who

27. Marcelina Hoffman Brasyl

28. Margarita Nikolaevna The Master and Margarita

29. Joanna Dark Perfect Dark

30. Willow Rosenberg Buffy The Vampire Slayer

31. Eowyn The Lord of The Rings

32. Caprica Six Battlestar Galactica

33. Odo The Dispossesed

34. Delenn Babylon 5

35. Jadzia Dax Deep Space 9

36. Claudia Interview with the Vampire

37. Lwaxana Troi Star Trek: Next Generation

38. Adelle De Witt Dollhouse

39. Diana V

40. T’Pring Star Trek

41. Molly Millions Neuromancer

42. Aura/Rashmika Els Absolution Gap

43. Max Guevara Dark Angel

44. Lilith Iyapo Xenogenesis Trilogy

45. Bayta Darell Foundation and Empire

46. Cord Anathem

47. Kaylee Frye Firefly and Serenity

48. Kelly Dead Set

49. Cordelia Chase Buffy and Angel

50. Rachael Blade Runner

5 responses to “100 sci fi women: the first fifty

  1. Tea Drinker ⋅

    Yay! Only 50 more to find.

  2. Cool bean ⋅

    Shira from Body of Glass/He She and It – though there are several awesome female characters in this book ^^

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