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100 sci fi women #54: Anna Frasier

So, for those who have come to this list late, I just want to remind you that I am taking a wide view of science fiction – including speculative fiction, fantasy and horror. I understand the views of the purists when it comes to science fiction, but I like to think of the broad church of fiction that takes us away from the present, that stimulates the imagination, that uses the space provided by a unreal world to explore a range of new ideas. Of course, the same could be said for historical works in some ways – and when writing about films set in the past I was surprised at the way that many of the tropes and devices were so similar to those used in science fiction and fantasy.

But enough pontificating, and on to the next woman.

Anna Frasier The Deep Field James Bradley

Anna is a strikingly beautiful woman, an artistic with the ability to capture the essence of a thing in a photo. She is a woman who loses herself, but not so much that she cannot find herself again. She loves deeply, and sometimes unwisely. She also is a woman who makes choices, active choices which are about her life and her destiny. She has an abortion. She is a loving, caring mother, partner and sister, but she is not immune from the frustrations that the world presents. She is both brave and yet scared. She looks after herself, and yet not selfishly. She inspires adoration, but is not entirely comfortable with that which she receives. She is someone who, in the end, knows when she has to grasp her destiny.

Anna watches each item pass across her screen, patterns of colour and sound that seem so complete, but which fade too quickly. How does the world endure this? she wonders, How do we go on? This ceaseless static of lives, their too-brief traceries of light against dark, this constant promise of completion, of connection, running through our fingers like water; like dreams their meaning illusory.

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