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In flight viewing

Last week I flew half way across the world and back, which is a lot of viewing time for anyone. Even if you do decide to sleep a bit. The tally:

Animal Kingdom I really enjoyed his. Very powerful performances and suffused with a sense of dislocation and alienation.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe This was better than I expected, though the kids were actually just a bit annoying at times….

The Big Bang Theory Some random episode. I still just don’t find it particularly funny. Maybe some day I will watch a random episode that actually makes me laugh.

Robin Hood Again, better than I was expecting and Cate Blanchett is awesome. But it wasn’t Robin Hood….

Going the Distance Cute and amusing but a bit haphazard and random at times. It coudn’t quite decide whether it was character driven humour or big silly gags. But the characters likable, even if the film was ultimately forgettable.

Salt I quite enjoyed it for a bit of suspense spy drama. But it was a bit pat. And I thought that Alias had shaken all the Soviet-embedded-sleeper-agent nonsense out of us all.

Cyrus Amusing but a bit odd. Couldn’t quite work out where it was going with the mother-son relationship thing and sort of petered out into a bit of a weak but inevitable end.

Better off Ted A random episode. Having never seen this before, I did find it very entertaining, even if I didn’t entirely understand it. Looking forward to seeing more.

Bones A random episode. Again, not bad for a procedural, but, it is a procedural….

Inception A rewatch. I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time, and a few of the gaps I had got filled in. Worth seeing twice, even if the small plane screen doesn’t do the visuals justice.

The Good Wife An episode that I had seen before, but still worth a watch. I do love it.

Despicable Me This was actually quite entertaining. Once again, a degree of predictability, but some clever touches and characterisations. I can see myself purchasing it for the small people.


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