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100 sci fi women #61: Sarah Jane Smith

Ok, on topic a bit of fun before we move on to the main business: current series Doctor Who credits, Buffy style. Can’t wait for the new season to start.

Sarah Jane Smith Doctor Who and  Sarah Jane Adventures

Very few women in science fiction haven’t managed the feats of Sarah-Jane Smith – travelling through time and space, defeating monsters, having a successful career and….coming back after twenty years and getting your own television program. It says something about the strength of the character that despite the passage of time, she can reappear as a companion and then move onto her own stage.

Sarah Jane is smart and resourceful – she was a career woman when that was not the norm. She did sometimes scream just a bit too much, but she was off encountering aliens and life threatening situations. She has a sense of adventure and a keen wish to investigate and learn more. Not a fan of violence, she will give her enemies a chance to retreat. Saying goodbye to the Doctor was not the end to her adventures or her ability to embrace the strange and unusual. She had the bravery to take on the unusual by herself and the intelligence and determination to defeat it. When motherhood is thrust upon her, she embraces it and becomes a fiercely protective mother, although this still will not stop her doing her best to make the world a better place. With her sensible haircut and business-like attire, Sarah Jane is the most enduring of the Doctor’s companions and the one who was most able to stand on her own.

5 responses to “100 sci fi women #61: Sarah Jane Smith

  1. Tea Drinker ⋅

    I’ve never seen any of the original Sarah Jane episodes. Loved her in the new series though.

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