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100 sci fi women #64: Macy Minnot

Ok, so I’ve been slack. It is a long story. Hopefully the world has calmed down a bit now, so these entries can be a bit more regular again.

Macy Minnot The Quiet War Paul McAuley

Macy learnt from a young age how to make her own way in the world. Escaping from a cult as a teenager into a world where people who are not part of one of the oligarchical families are little better than serfs, Macy survives and even thrives. She is smart and brave and willing to work hard. Risking her life to save someone leads her to a world where her intelligence can be used and developed and her skills as a ecologist reclaiming the environment are recognised, providing her new opportunities. Macy understands the realities of the world, but tries to remain true to herself and to her notions of what is right, even when this puts her in further danger. She is tough enough to take a few punches and not let it get her down, but rounded enough not to be impervious to the threats and dangers, boredom and frustrations which confront her. Most of all, her practical nature helps her to find solutions, even if sometimes they are to problems which her passions have helped create. Ultimately, she is loyal to those who deserve her loyalty, and humane to those who do not. In a society where fairness is not an overriding feature, Macy finds a way through, and a way out.



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