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100 sci fi women #65: Satine Kryze, Duchess of Mandalore

Star Wars: the Clone Wars is surprisingly engaging,and it must be said that I would be eternally grateful if they could edit Hayden Christiansen out of the two final movies and replace him with the animated Anakin who is much more dashing and charismatic – and not at all whiney. It also has a great deal of discussion about the nature of conflict, values, pacifism and self determination.

The other interesting thing about it is that it has a lot more female characters than the main series, and some particularly strong and interesting ones. And Padme gets a big run also.

Anyway, I particularly like the fact that a Star Wars series aimed at the younger audience has a range of strong independent female characters. Here is another one…

Satine Kryze, Duchess of Mandalore Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Duchess Satine plays an important role in her country’s government and in the wider galactic milieu. She is an ardent pacifist and leads the Council of Neutral Systems, opposing the war and advocating for peace for her people. Satine maintains her principles even under pressure and lives them, both in the face of  personal threat and threats to her people. She is not awed by Chancellor Palpatine and is willing to fight (non-violently) for what she believes in. Satine is willing to stand up in the face of tradition to oppose the warrior culture of Mandalore and is an effective politician and advocate. She does not allow herself to patronised by men, and properly puts Obi Wan in his place when he mentions that she would be justified in being “hysterical.”  Satine cared deeply for Obi Wan, but, respecting his position as a Jedi, did not reveal this to him and seek to have him abandon his life.

War is intolerable. We have been deceived into thinking that we must be a part of it. I say the moment we committed to fighting, we already lost.

There are many YouTube videos devoted to Obi Wan and Satine and their “forbidden” love. Here is an example.

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