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100 sci fi women #66: Rachel Mansour

Before we start today, you may have always wondered what male superheroes would look like if they posed like Wonder Woman – wonder no more!

And onto the main business of the day…

Colonel Rachel Mansour Singularity Sky  Charles Stross

Rachel Mansour has been many things through her long life – a housewife, an activist, a peacekeeper, a diplomat. At her heart though she is a woman who cares about her fellow humans, who wants to keep them from killing themselves and each other – and particularly from bringing the wrath of a future, omnipotent non-god down upon themselves. Embedded in a backward sexist culture for months and months, Rachel nearly goes mad, and, when able, enjoys disrupting the countenance of misogynists through her actions – wearing trousers, being assertive. She is no shrinking violet and is willing to put herself on the line to help the universe be a better and safer place. Combat enhanced, resourceful and extraordinarily intelligent, we’d be better off if all peacekeeping spy diplomats were like Rachel. But she is not past enjoying time out with someone she loves either, and when she meets someone she cares about, she does exactly that.

But you are, you know. As long as you expect someone or something else to take responsibility for you, you’re a child. You could fuck your way through every brothel in New Prague, and you’d still be an overgrown schoolboy.



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