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100 sci fi women #67: Nan Flanagan

Before getting to the topic above, a quick bit of link action. Den of Geek have come up with a list of 10 sci fi performances worth of Oscars. As they note, anything in the sci fi/fantasy type genre is sorely under-represented in any type of award action – generally genres is not weighty or worthy or something. So, worth taking a moment to celebrate some of the performances which really are up there.

Nan Flanagan True Blood

Nan is a women for the modern moment. That she is, no doubt, extremely old, has nothing to do with it. As the face of the American Vampire League, Nan has been at the forefront of making vampires respectable, bringing them out into the open and introducing them to the world. Nan is articulate, intelligent and very skilled at putting fanatics like Rev Steve Newlin in their place. Rarely appearing ruffled, Nan presents a professional ‘human’ face of vampirism to the world. But she is a politician, not entirely truthful, though she is clearly committed to ending the more brutal practices engaged in by vampires, recruiting Bill Compton to this program when she sees that his nature is less savage. She understands spin and the importance of image as she fights, not always entirely fairly, for tolerance and equal rights for vampires. Often she is more worried about the PR damage of an incident, than the actual damage…but then, she is a vampire – and a media hack.  She has a whip-like tongue and knows her own power and how to wield it. An episode of True Blood is usually well improved by her presence within it.

(clip contains season 4 spoiler)

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