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Three Authors

<meme alert>

Here is one which comes from Me and My Big Mouth:

You have to throw away all your books. Everything you have read and yet to read is taken off the shelves. The whole lot. I don’t know why. Make up a reason.

But you are allowed to keep the works of three authors. Just three.

They can be any three authors and you are permitted to have everything they have ever written.

Which three authors would you choose, and why?

My answer: Without doubt, Iain Banks and Neal Stephenson. The third is hard – I would probably go with Julian May: it is comfort reading which I adore and have read her books (especially the Milieu ones) over and over and still love them. Close behind would be Jane Austen, William Gibson, and Ursula Le Guin. But I guess it is kind of cheating to mention them…

Iain Banks and Neal Stephenson are my favourite authors by far – although Gibson usually makes up the triology. And all their books bear re-reading.

You should check out the answers on Me and My Big Mouth – many of the choices of three I could happily live with. Now, tell me yours.



6 responses to “Three Authors

  1. Way to hard for me..will ponder and come back later..thank you for the dilemma I am now faced with for the rest of the day.heehee….ELiza Keating

  2. Mark Holsworth ⋅

    Roberto Calasso – I always travel with one of his novels and can re-read them endlessly. William Burroughs – again very re-readable. Not sure who to choose for a third writer, maybe someone who I haven’t read but is very prolific in both fiction and non-fiction.

  3. Bells

    Oh, tough. I haven’t read any of the authors you mention but feel I want to.

    I’d keep:

    Margaret Atwood; Jane Austen; Charlotte Bronte, or maybe Elizabeth Gaskell! Eek, I can’t do it!

    • Melissa

      It is hard isn’t it – especially that third one. Mine are all science fiction/fantasy – except of course for Jane Austen if I went with her. I haven’t read enough Margaret Atwood, but I think I could be tempted to keep her.

  4. Jane Austen because I can always read her. Ursula K Le Guin because, again, I can always read her and she’s written so many books she would keep me going for a long time. I’m not sure about the third one m … maybe Toni Morrison. She’s very serious and a bit heavy going, but her books would keep me intellectually stimulated.

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