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100 sci fi women no 69: Pvt. Isabelle ‘Dizzy’ Flores

I can’t believe I have ventured into this territory before. What was I thinking?

Private Isabelle “Dizzy” Flores Starship Troopers (film)

Dizzy may have joined the military in part to be with the man she loved, but that did not mean she was not up for it. She is as capable and tough as any of her colleagues and able to roll with the punches and the jokes. With a sense of humour and an ability to hold her own, she does well Mobile Infantry, and eventually Rico is smart enought to realise what he is missing out on. Cheeky, tough and sexy, she is a woman you would want to have on your side. Her courage in battle and loyalty to her companions ensures she fights along side them, leading to her own death in combat.

There’s nothing like a bug hunt to get your juices flowing!


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