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100 sci fi women #71: Dr Elisabeth Shannon

before we start, two more lists to add to list-mania. First, looking somewhat to the past,  Ten Legendary Bad Girls of Literature looks at women who wrote on the edge of acceptability for women, and were awesome for it. Secondly, looking more to the future, is 13 Fantastic Female Comic Creators of 2011 demonstrating that female creativity is alive and well in the world of comics and genre. Worth making space in our reading lists…

Dr Elisabeth Shannon Terra Nova

In a show where the male characters are annoying and frustrating in their overt patriarchal masculinity, Dr Elisabeth Shannon is a wonderful breath of fresh air, a woman of colour who is intelligent and capable and a leader in her community. Stunningly beautiful, intelligent and articulate, she is passionate about her family and her work. Willing to break the law to have give birth to her youngest daughter, after two years of sole-parenting, she is also able to mastermind breaking her husband out of gaol and into the distant past so that they can live as a family again. Elisabeth is a talented doctor and a leader in her field and this is why she is recruited to go to Terra Nova and, once there, takes over the medical facilities. She is intensely loyal to her husband, but sees his faults and balances his overly masculinised approach to  parenting with her own sensible one. She does not lack courage, nor intelligence and is incredibly resourceful. She is a dedicated mother, but also a dedicated professional and articulate leader. If only women like her could lead Terra Nova!


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