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Cultural round up: February

February was really short, right? That is probably why I don’t have much to add here…


Zone One Colson Whitehead As a literary take on the zombie genre, Zone One provides some wonderful, cleverly thought out and rendered moments, but I thought, from time to time appeared to slight into a slightly pretentious style as it strived to be less pulp, more Proust. That isn’t to say that I didn’t like it, and that it wasn’t a clever take on the zombie concept with an authentic imagining of a post-apocalyptic world, as well as a strong sense of the dismay, horror and panic as the disaster unfolded. It also had some wonderful humour. I also thought it was interesting how it explored an idea which was also apparent in The Passage; the notion that perhaps these creatures have some semblance of humanity which remains and which makes them seek the familiar. Nonetheless, even as someone who loves a non-linear narrative, I found that this one meandered so much that I did get slightly lost once or twice, particularly when read in bursts. And while some of the juxtapositions of New York and zombies were clever, occasionally it all got a little bit laboured. For me though, the most powerful moment in the book was right towards the end, and had nothing really to do with the plot, but with one sentence challenged a whole range of assumptions I had made. I am not even sure how deliberate it was, though I suspect it was. Worth a read for those who like a more intelligent approach to zombies.


2 responses to “Cultural round up: February

  1. I guarantee it was deliberate. Clever moment too.

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