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Women of sci fi #73: Jane Aumonier

A list! Here is a list of current kick ass women on tv – there are a couple among this group of whom I am a complete fan and some ones I need to learn more about.

Jane Aumonier The Prefect Alastair Reynolds

Jane is one of the most resilient women one could encounter, with enormous personal strength. Already talented enough to be a Senior Prefect in the Glitter Band – 10,000 orbiting artificial habitats – Jane is attacked and horribly damaged. With a scarab on her neck that can kill her in milliseconds, for eleven years Jane cannot sleep, become too stressed or go within touching distance of another human without instant death. Rather than retreat into herself or allow herself to die, she becomes the Supreme Prefect and uses her ever-wakefulness to help her keep watch over the Glitter Band. Jane has intelligence and good judgement, but she also does not let her physical distance from other human let her become emotionally distant. She can take hard decisions, but will try to take the most humane decisions as well. She also knows when to let others exercise their own judgement. She is not without fear, but she does not let the fear rule her. She suffers, but this makes her better.

“You know what sometimes worries me the most? It’s not that they won’t ever be able to get it off me. I have confidence in their abilities, maybe more than they do…”

“So what’s worrying you?” asked Dreyfus softly.

“That I won’t be able to dream. What happens when you don’t dream for eleven years, Tom? Does anyone really know?”



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