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Six sentence review: Kushiel’s Dart

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Kushiel’s Dart  Jacqueline Carey

I found this book extremely readable, despite some doubts about some of the choices around setting and religious notions. The world of the novel has deliberate references to our own world and religious mythology but the purpose of this referentialism is not particularly clear. Despite this, the characters are engaging and the story is emotionally compelling, even if soem of the politics of the world is overly complicated and not actually that interesting. In the end, the most interesting part is the story of Phedre and her discovering of herself and her capabilities. It also comes with a fair dose of reasonably well written BDSM eroticism as Phedre’s  position as an anguisette means that she gains genuine pleasure in pain. Despite my intitial doubts, I enjoyed the ride and am looking forward to reading the second novel.


5 responses to “Six sentence review: Kushiel’s Dart

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  2. AshleyM

    I would have thought that the references lie in the fact that Jacqueline Carey mostly writes in the Alternate History/Urban Fantasy genre? If you’re writing alternate history the references to this reality are kind of unavoidable and mostly the point of those books.

    • Melissa

      Yes, but i don’t think the “alternative history” aspect of the books actually adds anything to theem really. It would have worked as effectively in an entirely fantasy setting – i found it actually distracting.

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