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100 sci fi women #80: Bella Lind

Bella Lind Pushing Ice Alastair Reynolds

Bella Lind is the captain of the Rockhopper. Willing to make tough decisions that not everyone agree with, sometimes she has to fight for that respect. Regretfully sometimes, she is willing to make hard choices and sometimes lose friendships for it. She has amazing resilience, and endures exile and loss with fortitude. Imprisoned alone with almost no visitors for ten years, she does not go made – she survives and returns victorious.her hard choices are rarely selfish choices – she tries to do the right thing for her crew and later for the growing civilisation and that develops from her crew. The wisdom which allowed her to become captain allows her to govern wisely. She is also brave – she faces danger and death to rescue others; she will not take the easy way out when she has the choice. The choices that Bella makes inspire civilisation back on earth to rapid leaps in development while those she makes Janus and Rockhopper allow her people to survive and grow. Most importantly, Bella is a person of compassion and forgiveness who does not forget an old friendship no matter how much it has been betrayed in the meantime. This compassion infuses the future with hope.

You don’t need to do this
Oh, I think I do. Like Mike said: it’s miner thing. Once upon a time we were all miners, all in it together. Pushing ice.

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