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100 sci fi women #87: Louise Kavanagh

Louise Kavanagh The Night’s Dawn Trilogy Peter Hamilton

Louise grows up a privileged, protected daughter of an estate owner, expected to marry to further the family’s ambitions on a planet which has enshrined a pastoral, class-based society. But Louise, a smart and beautiful young woman, has already felt the first chafing against these restrictions. As events over take her and her lifestyle, she shows that she is resourceful, tough and willing to risk herself to protect her sister. Louise discovers that she needs to make her own choices – about love and morality, about risks and dangers – and that she is not defined by her parents’ expectations. She is incredibly loyal to those who support her, and puts herself in danger to protect them – or makes sure that she does not hurt their feelings. Louise was full of intelligence and bravery and loyalty before her world fell into crisis, but she was not allowed to show it. So when the chance came, she went on to help save humanity.

Louise, I’m begging you. they’ll catch you. You’ll be tortured.

Not for long. After all,  we’re all going to be slaughtered.

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