Once, when I was out with a bunch of new friends, watching Hal Hartley’s film, Simple Men, I could not help myself. Noting a scene which showed an array of letterboxes, I had to remark “wow, he has to be referencing the letter boxes in Godard’s Les Caribiniers.” From that point on, I was definitely classed as the cultural wanker. This site explores that side of me.

I love film, adore television and like listening to music. But I am discerning. No Dancing With the Stars or commercial radio for me. Cultural wanker, see. Big fan of science fiction and soap opera though. Once wrote a thesis on Neighbours and Home & Away, but that is another story. Also wrote a thesis on Spielberg, a long, long time ago. More recently have contemplated the connection between representations of the past and the present in which the representations are constructed, using Hollywood movies of the 1980s as my guide. Am happy to rabbit on about the media and name-check cultural and Marxist theorists whenever the occasion arises. Which tends to be a lot.

I care about representation and its impact. How we know the world is dictated by what we see. Representation is always political, so our response to it should be too.

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  1. with a cultural frame-of-reference, size does matter. Mine’s huge. and feral too. keep up the good work.

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