100 sci fi women #13: Buffy Summers

Before we get started, here is a link to another Top 25, this time an entertaining one from EW on the 25 Best Whedonverse episodes.  While I think it has a good mix in it, and strikes the balance between the funny/novelty episodes and the highly emotionally resonant ones (isn’t that Joss in a nutshell?), it was the cause of quite a lot of debate amongst friends after a few red wines? As was universally agreed, it is damn hard to judge between a lot of the Firefly episodes – and is emotional better than funny? Of course, the best of the Whedonverse is when the two are combined.

And with that as an introduction, it is inevitable we get to…

Buffy Summers Buffy the Vampire Slayer (television version)


So pretty much no pop culture list of tough, independent, brave women would be complete without Buffy. Created as a paradigm shifter – the petite blonde who didn’t run screaming from the vampire, but turned it into dust, Buffy’s character grew more and more interesting and nuanced as the seasons passed. This is a young woman who was willing to kill her beloved to save the world and also work in a take away store wearing a hideous uniform to pay to replace pipes. We have to love Buffy because we saw her grow up and take on responsibility, embrace her destiny even when they killed her, love her friends and family and kill and destroy any number of vampires, demons and monsters. Who wouldn’t like a friend like that?

I must admit though, I am a little nervous at the idea of a Joss-free Buffy re-entering the world

Here lies Buffy Summers. She saved the world, a lot.