100 sci fi women #75: Dejah Thoris

Before we start – here is a view on Women Writers of Dystopia – with two writers I have noted I should read. And as we love a list, here is the Penguin Books list of Books You Must Read Before You Die – a list which could keep you going for many many years. And finally, in a similar vein, the 1960s science fiction novels everyone should read – I must admit I still have about eight of them to read (although in some cases have read other things by the author).

Princess Dejah Thoris John Carter (movie version)

Dejah is a scientist on the verge of a brilliant discovery which will help her people. She does not expect men to save her, but looks after herself – whether it is by fighting like any other warrior, or planning how she can save her people. While she respects and loves her family and her people, she is not willing to meekly submit to a horrible marriage in order to sav them, but looks for other options and alternatives. In the end though, she submits when she feels that her choices are exhausted. Dejah will accept the unlikely and even the seemingly unbelievable when presented with evidence – she is rational and open to new ideas. Brave, intelligent, beautiful, resourceful an even a bit cunning, she is the kind of princess we don’t mind having around.

I want no playfulness from him. I want his help. Explain to me how you do it. If it’s a skill, teach it to Helium. Name your price.