100 Sci Fi women #27: Marcelina Hoffman

Ok, back to the usual game. In the lists update a couple of good one end-of-year ones which come courtesy of city of tongues: the best and worst sci-fi movies of 2009 and the best sci-fi novels of 2009. Hopefully the world will continue to create great science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction and horror in 2010.

Marcelina Hoffman Brasyl Ian McDonald

Marcelina is vain, appearance obsessed and botox using, selfish, coke snorting, obsessed with success and just a little bit shallow. But who said woman had to be self deprecating earth mothers who wash only in tea leaves to be good heros? Marcelina is also fearless in many ways, willing to take on new things, rise to new challenges and explore new ideas. She also discovers herself to be capable of deep love. As the producer of trashy reality television programs she gets to do that, as the chosen zemba of the multiverse she has no choice but to embrace it and meet the challenge. Marcelina’s world is upended when she finds an exact copy of herself busily going about destroying her life by revealing production secrets, ignoring her friends and insulting her family. Worst yet, the other-Marcelina tries to kill her. Marcelina, as a practitioner of capoeira is not without fighting skills, and as a television producer is not without the skills to plan her way out of trouble. This task is made slightly harder by the fact that the other-Marcelina knows how she thinks. In her flight, Marcelina discovers that there are multiple worlds and multiple worlds and, while people are not supposed to travel between them, sometimes they do. She is initiated into the role of zemba – the warrior – fighting against the Order and gets a fabulously cool weapon. What Marcelina comprehensively proves, is that people’s potential and their essential character should not be judged by the superficial flit across the world – when tested they might be something completely different.

Again the multiverse pulsed around Marcelina. Cut. Edit. You are not unarmed now. You are not a victim. She held the knife high over her head.