Science fiction and fantasy (not that sort) women

So I have been inspired by a number of projects that have been about recently exploring areas where women are often overlooked but are still there, still important and even if, unfortunately, often under-represented. The fabulous work on the alternative Hottest 100 and the work on the Feminist SF site on Mindblowing Science Fiction by Women. Also I have seen some wonderful lists of science fiction related areas recently, including Den of the Geek’s wonderful pice on sci-fi corridors and io9’s regular Top Tens, including unlikeliest apocalypse survivors and dirt cheap aliens who still look awesome. And let’s face it, everyone loves a list. So, over the next few weeks, I want to develop a Top 100 science fiction and fantasy women (and we might include supernatural world views in there too). I have a lot of them up my sleeve and will publish them in regular posts over the next few weeks, but please feel free to add in your own, and when we get to 100, we can stop. Or vote. Or something.

So, we might as well start with my current favourite…..

Starbuck aka Kara Thrace


Starbuck kicks arse, both literally and figuratively. Could in no way be described as a girly-girl, but definitely scrubs up nicely in a frock – or her dress blues. The Top Gun of the Galactica, Starbuck shows that women can drink and fight and sleep with who they want, but still command respect and authority because they are good at what they do. With an abusive mother and an absent father and a fiance who died because she had slacked off as his instructor, Starbuck was tough, but also demonstrated vulnerabilities and insecurities. Her appearance in any episode of Battlestar Galactica brought it to life and she was a waaaaay better character than the Starbuck of the original series ever was. By the end of the series it turned out that Starbuck was more than human, possibly an angel of some description, and if there have to be some sort of metaphysical beings in the world, I love the idea that they chomp cigars, mess up their love lives and can’t resist punching a superior officer because he is, quite frankly, a dick. I miss her now I don’t get to see her all the time.