100 sci fi women #11: Nyota Uhara (both versions)

Uhara  Star Trekstartrek_uhura_

When Uhara first appeared on the bridge of the Enterprise in 1966, she was a complete ground breaking pioneer in the representation of black women in mainstream television. Unfortunately, even by 2009, when we see her on the Enterprise anew, there are still not enough black women in science fiction (or any form of mainstream film and television) – although there are obviously some. Uhara, as communications officer, proved a trusted officer to the original Captain Kirk, taking control of the helm on at least one occasion. Willing to face danger along with the rest of the crew, she was smart, resourceful and looked fabulous in a short skirt. She progressed through the ranks to be a senior officer at Starfleet command by the end of her career. Similarly in the 2009 representation, Uhara is smart and more than a little bit serious, immune to Kirk’s somewhat dubiously irresistable charm. She again proves herself to be as capable as her male companions and I am sure that, as the franchise no doubt goes on, will do her first incarnation proud.