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100 sci fi women #19: Hermoine Granger

I have found myself watching The Prisoner of Azkaban and seeing Hermoine punch Draco immediately gave me my next entry…

Hermoine Granger Harry Potter books and films


While I have always enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films (some more than others though it must be said) many of the characters are quite annoying. Harry, in particular, often drives me bats. But Hermoine I love. While she fits the brainy girl category, she is much more than that. And her intelligence is something to be admired. I love the fact that she knows more than everyone, that she does the best in class. She is also the most practical of her friends, and utterly courageous. One also has to remember that, unlike Ron and a number of their school contemporaries, Hermoine is a newbie to the world of magic, and yet this does not stop her being unfazed and as successful as anyone (except in Divination, but really, who can blame her). She is a true friend, even when occasionally Ron and Harry probably don’t really deserve it. Finally, she is still a girl, who has crushes, meets boys and suffers her own heartbreak. But deals with it as stoically as she can.

I am pretty sure that without Hermoine I would have had trouble liking the books!

Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have!


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